Saturday, 13 December 2008

AAE #268 • Glasgow Cottier Theatre 6 Oct 2001

Good Audience Recording. Running Time 100'38.

01 Intro
02 Scarlet
03 What Kind Of Fool
04 In The Clouds
05 More Than The Blues
06 Are You Lonely
07 Forever
08 Martha's Harbour
09 Farewell Mr. Sorrow
10 Intro
11 Wild Hearted Woman
12 Miss World
13 You Bring Your Love To Me
14 Freeze
15 Wishing The Hours Away
16 Lady Moonlight
17 The Mystery We Are
18 Shelter From The Rain
19 Intro
20 Share It With Me
21 Every Angel

Sunday, 29 June 2008

AAE #152 • Amsterdam Paradiso 2 Aug 1990

Average audience recording. Running Time 68'21

02Every Angel
03Wild Hearted Woman
04In The Clouds
05Candy Tree
06Road To Your Soul
07What Kind Of Fool
08Different Sky
09Gold And Silver
10The Empty Dancehall
11Shelter From The Rain
12The Dreamer
13In The Meadow
14Tuesday's Child
15Flowers In Our Hair

AAE #106 • Paris Le Zenith 30 Apr 1988

Average audience recording. Running Time 37'40
Contributed by Steven.
02Every Angel
03Candy Tree
04Never Promise
05In The Clouds
06Flowers In Our Hair
07Shelter From The Rain
08Wild Hearted Woman
09What Kind Of Fool
10In The Meadow

AAE #149 • Köln Luxor 28 Jul 1990

Average audience recording. Running Time 59'50
Contributed by Alessio.
02Every Angel
03Wild Hearted Woman
04Candy Tree
05Road To Your Soul
06What Kind Of Fool
07Different Sky
08Gold And Silver
09The Empty Dancehall
10The Dreamer
11In The Clouds
12In The Meadow
13Tuesday's Child
14Flowers In Our Hair

AAE #110 • London Marquee 19 Oct 1988 (secret gig)

Average audience recording. Running Time 55'21

01What Kind Of Fool Intro
02Every Angel
03Wild Hearted Woman
04Never Promise
05Tuesday's Child
06In The Clouds
07Shelter From The Rain
08Flowers In Our Hair
09Gold And Silver
10Martha's Harbour
11What Kind Of Fool
12In The Meadow
13Candy Tree
15Our Summer

Saturday, 17 May 2008

AAE #41 • Brixton Academy 28 Mar 1987

1. Excellent mixing desk recording. Running Time 32'08
Combined with Hammersmith Odeon 29 Oct 88 recording.

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01 Flowers In Our Hair
02Gypsy Dance4'08
03Lady Moonlight4'18
04Our Summer3'21
05In The Clouds3'29
06What Kind Of Fool3'56
07Every Angel3'59
08In The Meadow4'29

AAE #116 • London Hammersmith Odeon 29 Oct 1988

Same as BBC Transcription Disc / Blessed By Angels bootleg. Total Running Time 29'34
Combined with Brixton 28 Mar 87 recording.

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01 Candy Tree
02Wild Hearted Woman3'18
03Never Promise4'05
03Flowers In Our Hair3'58
05Martha's Harbour3'03
06Every Angel3'44
07In The Clouds3'30
08In The Meadow4'29